Site Rates

Seasonal Sites :


Overnight - NON Sewer (Yellow) = $30 per night

Extended Stay - Sewer (Green):

$50 per night

$200 per week (7 nights)

$750  per month


Non-Sewer   $1770 per year

 Sewer  $1970 per year

Sasquatch Estates $3000 per year

We do have Pump Out service:

$10 for regular trailer tanks

$20 for 300 gallon black tanks

Our Seasonal Sites are quite large!  Fit your trailer, shed, boat, and vehicle without feeling crowded

Our season runs from April 1 to March 31.  Full payment of seasonal sites are due April 1st.

Seasonal campers set up and pay for their electric.  Phone/Internet also available at each site.

Enjoy your trailer year round - we do have a heated bathhouse with running water, flush toilets and showers.

(All Pricing + WI Sales Tax 5.5%)